Professional Class, Modular

The SMART 70 series ID Card Printer solution is the most versatile system in it's class.

Modular design means that the sytem grows as your needs grow. Produce stunning photo ID cards, membership cards, student ID cards, and more.

Build your system based on your requirements, starting with the Printer and Input Hopper. Add the Hybrid Flipper for dual sided printing and encoding functionality, a laminator for extra durable and secure cards, or a high capacity output hopper for high volume card production.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can configure a system for you. Pricing is dependant on modules required.



Modules can be purchased separately, if required, but most modules require connection to other modules to function.

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Explore the various modular systems available, based on functionality requirements. Also, see below for most modular systems available. If your requirements are not met by one of the modular systems available in this store, please consult with us so that we can configure a special system for you.

NOTE: Lead times may apply to the SMART 70 range. Please check with us prior to ordering online

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